We help you maximize your company's performance by getting you the  RIGHT people, develop the  Leadership  and run Cross Culture workshops to make sure you have a smooth cooperating organization.

Advice you can rely on. Experts who've been there. strategics that work. 



Leadership development

We specialize in leadership training of your managers or managers to be, and can support them or yourself with individual coaching.

Organisation Development

Our consultants have more than 30 years professional experience, each, in leadership and organization development and when you choose us you will gain access to our vast knowledge. 

Ask our clients what made them choose us and you're likely to get many different answers. There's one thing they'll all agree on though; we deliver results!

Executive Search

Henriksson Consulting use an in-depth interview technique that will grant you always get the RIGHT people for your company.

Cross culture

We help you create a smooth cooperating organization, built on trust and mutual understanding where communication flows.


We provide trainings in different areas for people on different levels, always taken care of your special needs for development.